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Carie Lyndene

Workshop: Money Mindset

Carie’s career spans over 4 decades during which time she created and grew her home-based business into a multimillion-dollar international concern. This led to her being head hunted by other global brands to work on their marketing and sales team strategies. Through her coaching and training programmes, she’s been intrinsic in 10s of millions of £ & $ of products and services moving into the marketplace.


Since 2013, Carie has specialised in working with consultants, coaches, and experts to secure, stabilise and scale their 6 Figure Future Online so they can truly live life on their terms without having to work 24/7 or suffer the usual pains and frustrations of so many entrepreneurs.


Carie's Zone of Genius is to teach her clients how to master these skill sets..

• Their Mindset (especially that towards Money)

• Their Marketing Message

• The Methods They Adopt


You can contact Carie either via WhatsApp on 0788 543 6814 or visit her website / LinkedIn: