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“Why do we have to die, in order to reveal that DIAMOND in US?”

Random and DEEP, I know, but bear with me!! I mean did you know, when we are cremated, loved ones can make jewellery from our ashes in the way of a diamond, as a keepsake? This is because we have around 1-4g of carbon in our bones when we die, which in turn is used to “grow” this beautiful gemstone within a lab setting. How AMAZING is that, right?!! BUT, me thoughts were, “why do we have to leave this

beautiful planet before we get to shine in our true brilliance?!” What are we SO afraid of?

Buckso is a Spiritual Coach/Practitioner & Actor, getting into the latter quite late in life just over a decade ago, and through her life has acquired a myriad of skills that serves those individuals who have dreams, ambitions and desires of their own, whatever line of work they’re in, that are looking for direction and support that may be missing for them for various reasons such as an unsupportive network, friends, family and social circles or a lack of direction. Spirituality played a big part in Buckso’s life and shes been on her own quest for the last 30 years, knowing there was more to this existence that met the eye. Through her various trainings in different healing modalities and teachings, Buckso brings a whole other dimension to the work she does with her clients which includes Quantum Healing, Reiki, Access Bars, Sound Therapy, E4 Trauma Method, Truth Triangle to help “birth your purpose” and much more! Her love for Acting hasn’t waned and she hopes to continue bring light to the Industry with her contributions within the entertainment arena.


Buckso grew up with her dreams and ambitions unsupported and discouraged by everyone so, she went through the last 30yrs focusing solely on her goals, encountering her fair share of trials and tribulations along the way! The biggest lesson to date came after the passing of her father, in January 2020. This brought about an awakening that led to a “downloading” of her latest life lesson, “Unearthing the Diamond Within”. Buckso is now on a mission to share her wisdom and teachings, to inspire, motivate and encourage women ALL over the world, to embrace their TRUE essence, find their voice and ALWAYS live and speak, THEIR truth!

Or via email: bucksodw@gmail.com

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