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​Contact: Alana Warburton-Whitehead

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Alana is an experienced Trainer, Business Coach & EMDR Trauma Coach, with over 25 years’ experience in the commercial arena, managing large Global accounts in Construction & Retail, both manufacturing and food.

Alana is a highly skilled at delivering training and coaching for business and individuals alike.
Working on Behavioural safety, Managing Occupational Health & Well-being & Sales & Management coaching, policy support and much more.
She is a motivational speaker and fierce conversationalist, Alana openly shares her own journey of growth, trauma and change.

Approved by MHFA England & National Prevention of Suicide First Aid, she delivers various training courses & workshops, both online and F2F, specialising in Mental Health, Change Management, Negative to Positive, How to Lead, Behavioural Safety, Psychological Risk Assessment, Higher Level Management Training, Wellbeing & Resilience, Suicide First Aid, Change Management, Mentoring & Support, MHFA support, Stress Management, & much more. She also provides support in schools & Universities running workshops for all the Key stages, as well as sessions Teachers & Carers, on a range of topics including Self Esteem & Goal setting.

Alana provides to unrivalled support for many key clients such as Scania, JLR, Wates Construction, Groundcontrol Ltd, Lanes group, EMW Law, and many more.

She is an exceptional force and coach, helping both Employers and Employees alike to have those difficult and sensitive conversations, and enabling people to close the gap on mental wellbeing, increasing productivity and changing their lives forever.

Qualified in Covid 19 Psychological First Aid.

Culture change specialist.

Alana Warburton-Whitehead
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