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Im Kat Derbyshire, the Director at Black Kat HR, helping small and medium sized businesses with all their Human Resources and people needs as an outsourced partner.

Whether a business is taking on employees for the first time or have a growing team in place, we can be on hand to help you become a great employer. Unlike many other HR consultancies, we can help on an ad-hoc or retainer basis to suit your needs and budget without the needs to sign up to a lengthy contract.

What makes us different from other HR Consultancies you may be wondering? We make sure that you have all the help and support you need, delivered in a supportive, friendly and jargon free way...with a sprinkling of honesty and humour along the way to get things done.

We can provide you with all documentation needed, bespoke and personalised to your business including the following:

✅ Contracts of employment
✅ Self Employed Contractor Agreements
✅ Company Handbooks containing your people policies and procedures

Not only do we create these from scratch, we can review and update the ones you already have to make sure they meet with employment law which is ever changing.

We also offer a great value UNLIMITED HR support plan providing businesses with access to a HR specialist whenever needed so you never have to worry when an employee issue crops up that you are unsure how to tackle - just pick up the phone! We can help you deal with such as:

✅investigation and disciplinaries
✅long term or frequent absence from work
✅performance reviews and appraisals
✅redundancy and restructuring

We believe that it is better to get advice and get it right upfront, rather than find yourself in an employment tribunal where major damage can be done to both your reputation and your pocket.

To find out more about how we can help you can book a short exploration call here:

Kat Derbyshire
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