Beyond Boundaries Coaching Limited
Beyond Boundaries Coaching Limited

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​Contact: Jacqui Jagger

Telephone: 07793 200663



I sum myself up as a down to earth mindset coach. It's a bit like being a personal trainer but for the brain rather than the body. I'm 50% cheerleader, 50% bum kicker and no fluff!

I specialise in working with women who want to make changes to their mindset to allow them to successfully grow their business. Together we explore topics such as:

Personal confidence - getting beyond fear of failure or what other people might think
Coping with overwhelm - creating clear priorities and ignoring the 'noise'
Business development and the icky feeling that comes with sales conversations
Building better focus and productivity in the way they work
Setting boundaries for themselves

I can also provide a sounding board and some accountability - it's one thing making a plan, but when life gets in the way it can be another thing entirely trying to stick to it!

How I work

I bring a sense of energy, drive and focus when I’m coaching, and I’m all about helping you get the results you want. In order to achieve that, I will offer both challenge and support - be prepared to step outside your comfort zone!

I'll encourage you to explore your values and beliefs, and to make a bold commitment about what you want to aim for that resonates for you emotionally as well as practically. Why? Because progress comes from taking consistent action, and that becomes far easier when your heart and head are aligned. That might sound a bit ‘fluffy’ but in reality it is anything but. It can be emotional and challenging but also fun, energising and exciting.

I help you learn to listen to yourself - to realise that you have the answers inside and that you are capable of so much more than you imagine.

A bit about me...

My passion for working with small business owners stems from understanding first-hand how starting up and running your own business can be both scary and exhilarating in equal measure. I retrained as a coach after a career spent mostly in retail. There's more of my story on my website, but suffice to say it took me way too long to make that decision and the main thing holding me back was me.

I believe in coaching because I have experienced its impact myself, and because time and again I have seen the power of someone taking consistent steps towards their goal and building their self belief in the process. I absolutely love what I do; it’s a real privilege to step alongside someone on their own journey and to see them grow and flourish.

And not that it tells you anything about my coaching, but I love gin, shoes and holidays. So if you do too, then we’d probably get on!

Jacqui Jagger
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