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Great to see you! Thanks for taking a nosey at my LoveBiz page :-)

My passion behind BEE Coaching is to help people enjoy work more, more of the time.

My Why comes from my own journey which includes a career pivot from Chartered Accountancy in the Corporate space to teaching yoga part time to running my own coaching business. And it all started by signing up to a coaching programme!

A little about BEE Coaching:

Most of my clients are 30-somethings millennial professionals who want to be a success.

They engage my services because they feel like they have plateaued in their career and/or life, they are anxious about the big life decisions and feel like there are never enough hours in the day.

I guide them to discover what they enjoy, who they are and what makes them happy. Our work together allows them to be confident, empowered and generally \'smashing it\' in the work place while also having more energy for their close ones and other passions in their life.

My aim is to help my clients break down the barrier between work/life and to live their life as their whole self in every moment!

I live in Greater Manchester with my hubby and 3 fluffy children and work mostly remotely. I work both directly with clients or via their employer. My work is 1-2-1 and via groups.

Please do reach out to say hello and we can book a virtual cuppa in the diary!

Lauren Lane
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