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Aquamarine Reflexology
Aquamarine Reflexology

Ivanhoe and Derwent #LoveBiz Community

​Contact: Caroline Bell

Telephone: 07751 456 381



As a Level 5 Reflexology Practitioner Caroline Bell MAR, CRM5 Dip, GJC, I am qualified to treat people of all ages who come to me with many different illnesses and aches and pains, or simply to help provide relaxation and stress relief. I am trained in foot, hand and auricular (ear) reflexology and will use one or a combination of these techniques to ensure that my clients receive the most effective treatment.

Reflexology is a holistic, complementary, health therapy that aims to help the body regain its natural balance and homeostasis. It is a touch therapy that is based on the theory that all parts of the body are reflected in different points on the feet, hands and ears. By working on these points using small movements of the fingers and thumbs to apply pressure to these reflexes, we encourage the body to heal itself.

Caroline Bell
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