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Is TIME slipping through your fingers?

What could you do with more hours in your working week?

  • You could use the time to develop ideas and products, reach out to new customers and markets, take on more work…maybe even finish early once in a while.

  • Freeing up extra hours lets you concentrate on what you do best – delivering your service, running your business, looking after your customers.

  • But that’s not an option if you’re bogged down with the day to day stuff…emails, customers, suppliers, admin, meetings, travel…if you have no-one to delegate to, it can be a drain on your time and energy. And ultimately, your business.

What if hiring a Professional Assistant could be the solution to these challenges?

  • By working with a trusted Professional Assistant you could have a partner who will deliver work accurately and on time (and who might actually like doing all those jobs which live at the bottom of your To Do list).

  • Packages can be as small or far-reaching as you need: a few hours a week or month; dedicated commitment to specific projects; a retainer contract to guarantee availability each month. You choose. That’s the beauty.

  • No need to think about holiday or sick pay, and no need to add me to the payroll as I take care of my own contributions.

What experience do I bring?

  • In a career of customer-facing roles, I quickly learned the value of great customer service (and the effect a poor customer experience can have).

  • I’ve worked in customer services management, sales, marketing, and been a PA in telecoms, retail, further education. Now a Professional Assistant to very busy people, I work with business owners, education providers, writers, people with a portfolio of interests…helping them make the most of their time and the most of their business.

Would you like to know more?

If you’d like some help in freeing up time for you and your business, let’s talk about how. And if you don’t yet know how, that’s a very good place to start.

Contact me to arrange a chat. No obligation; let’s just start the conversation.

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