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Ali Bagley Coaching
Ali Bagley Coaching

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​Contact: Ali Bagley

Telephone: 07763 610 892



I replace your fear with the skills, knowledge and the motivation to get your content, course and book conceived, developed and out there.

You understand the value of written content for growing engagement with your ideal clients, yes?

You want to create a calling card book for your business to give away, use as a lead magnet or even sell, hell yes!

You know the benefits of creating effective online modular courses that people can buy and follow in their own time, and you only need to create once, absolutely yes?

You know how key great social media content is for becoming known, liked and trusted, no-brainer yes?

But you don't know where to start, don't believe you have the ability or maybe you just don't understand how to pull it all together.

I do. As a Best Selling Author, APC Certified Business Writers Coach, and the developer of multiple live and online courses for my own business and others, I bring you my experience knowledge and skills to support you in growing your business.

I can do it for you of course however, my mission is to empower you to get it done for yourself.

I am also one of only two Master Geographers of Emotions in the world. So I bring the incredible magic of geo-emotional mapping, both to my writers coaching and as a stand alone experience.

These mapping experiences include online and live courses, online and live journeys and games, all designed for your personal and professional growth.

This methodology is super effective for team building and project delivery in business settings so we also have a variety of experiences for corporations and educational organisations.

I will empower you, I will support you and I will move you closer to your goals and ambitions.

Always happy to chat about your needs, wants and desires.

Ali x

Ali Bagley
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