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I am an AgeHacker - I empower women in their midlife to thrive, master their symptoms, reverse the signs of ageing, improve their health and step into their power years with confidence & purpose. 


After being on my own transformational journey where I addressed my own wellbeing needs, I love helping women create better health and mindset habits, feel fabulous and live a life they love. 


Sometimes, we are uncertain about why we feel the way we do. Life takes hold and we feel exhausted and overwhelmed neglecting the most important in our lives - Ourselves! 


You may feel you can’t do anything about this but you can…. I am here to help guide you to transforming how you feel… what do you have to lose?


If I can do it, You can too.


Are you ready to make a change. 


Every morning I looked in the mirror and felt so fed up with how I looked, grey and lifeless skin, dark eyes and just older by the minute - I was beginning to look like my grandmother!!


So I made a decision to take charge of my health and my ageing so that every morning I woke up feeling bright and fresh ready to take on the day.


Does any of this resonate with you? 


* You feel fed up with how you look and feel as you age.


* Your health has taken a downward turn. 


* You’re looking for ways to feel better and look younger.


* You are keen to change some of your unhealthy habits and learn new ones. 


* You are tired of feeling exhausted and anxious.


* You are suffering with continuous lack of energy.


* Your body doesn’t work like it used to. 


Would you like someone to stand by your side and help you make the changes you know you need to make for the sake of your future life.


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Emma Wilkinson
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